Is It One Of These?

Is It One Of These?
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Is It One of These?

Here is a great card trick routine. Somebody picks a card and hides it back in the deck. You attempt to find it, but can't. You offer the shirt off your back if you can't find it this last time. Upon failing, you remove your outer shirt to reveal a pile of cards printed on your t-shirt. Ask the audience... "Is it one of these?"

Oh no, none of them are the chosen card!

Slowly turn around, then show that their card is printed on the back of the shirt!

HOW? Merely force the card on your volunteer (simple instructions), then reveal their card by opening your outer shirt to display your t-shirt.

A great kicker follow-up is to get two shirts with the same design but different cards. After you've revealed the first card to a group, change shirts in private. When the previous group asks you to do the same trick for somebody else, you'll blow everybody away when the card on the shirt is now different!

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Product CodeYC-IIOOT
ManufacturerArtist Greg McMahan

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